Announcing the At Odds Podcast

Are you tired of getting your sports news the boring way? Well we have something special cooked up for you as two personalities with wildly different opinions clash about all the latest happenings in the complicated world of athletics.

Brian Hemminger and Brandon Sharples hail from the same hometown of Oak Harbor, Ohio, but rarely agree on anything.

Hemminger is a devout follower of all things Ohio Sports, particularly Cleveland and Ohio State. He has covered mixed martial arts for the past seven years and has recently branched out to baseball coverage. He has hosted sports podcasts for the past seven years for sites like Bloody Elbow, MMA Mania, Let’s Go Tribe and MMA OddsBreaker.

Sharples despises Ohio sports with a passion, instead choosing to follow the Minnesota Vikings, Florida Gators, Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks. He’s a Veteran, a successful sports gambler and has controversial opinions on just about everything¬†which seem to gravitate online altercations.

Together, we form the At Odds Podcast!



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